Alleged Galaxy F equipped with a 2K screen leaks


alleged galaxy f

A couple of alleged photos of the Galaxy F phone equipped with what could be Samsung’s new 2K screen for the Galaxy range has leaked earlier this morning via @WindyLeak Twitter account.

Rumours about Samsung readying a Galaxy F premium series (metallic housing) have been heard before, however up until today we havent seen an actual device leaking out, only the alleged chassis of the device got pictured. What we are looking at in all these images could be our first eyes-on on the Galaxy F smartphone.


WindyLeak could end up as a hoax, as we’ve seen such accounts coming and going in the past. The exception is the notorious @evleaks, a trusted source for its steady and highly accurate leaks.

Our colleagues at claim that the device is real. Their proof is a cropped image that shows a matching bottom speaker on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the alleged Galaxy F. We can’t really tell whats going on here, because the purported Galaxy F handset is encased in a rectangular case which pretty much hides its shape.