Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab range of tablets are known for being a cheap and cheerful range of tablets. If the low price weren’t enough to entice you into buying them, Samsung have now upped the ante; you can now buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 which has child specific software to keep them, and your wallet, safe whilst they use your – or their – tablet. This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Review:

There have been numerous reports in the past (and continuing), of parents getting shocks when they look at their bank statement to find that someone has spent thousands of pounds on the App store or Play Store. After investigations, it’s turned out their child has, unwittingly, spent that money. The child has been drawn in with the lure of buying coins/stars/diamonds etc on a game which they didn’t realise was actually spending real money.

Despite numerous court cases and a lot of press coverage, the respective companies have paid parents back and made it a little harder for people to spend money unknowingly on the store. Some companies have taken a step further and allowed parents to protect their bank balance by keeping the child well away from the app store and requiring passwords for any purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Review
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