EU votes to scrap roaming charges


scrap roaming charges

In the EU’s bid for an ever closer union between member states, the EU parliament voted today to scrap roaming charges, which will be go into force by Christmas 2015.

The idea of being able to move across Europe and not be at the mercy of roaming charges has been floating about as an idea for many years now and is a sign of the EU’s intention to create a United States of Europe.The scrap will come as a benefit to tourists and business owners alike.

Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes had this to say on the decision:

“This vote is the EU delivering for citizens. This is what the EU is all about – getting rid of barriers to make life easier and less expensive.”

“Nearly all of us depend on mobile and internet connections as part of our daily lives. We should know what we are buying, we should not be ripped-off, and we should have the opportunity to change our mind. Companies should have the chance to serve all of us, and this regulation makes it easier for them to do that. It’s win-win.”

“In 2010 I promised to end roaming charges by the end of 2015, and now we are one step away from achieving that result.”

“Beyond the highly visible barrier of roaming we are now close to removing many other barriers so Europeans can enjoy open, seamless communications wherever they are”.

The regulation which is entitled the “connected continent” telecoms regulation was proposed back in 2013, EU member states will now review and discuss the decision with a final verdict to be made on the issue by the end of this year.