HTC One M8 waterproof test shows how impressive this phone is


HTC One M8 waterproof test

HTC One M8 waterproof test

I’m sure you’ve heard and seen a great deal about the latest HTC One this past week, reviews, comments, drop tests, scratch tests and more reviews, but this is something that hasn’t really been made a fuss about, even though; it’s pretty ridiculous.

The guys at TechSmartt have uploaded a video to their YouTube channel showcasing the HTC One M8‘s amazing ability to survive under water, with HTC’s flagship lasting for over an hour fully submerged in water. The phone is then taken out of the water and shown working perfectly, something we did not expect to see at all, as the device isn’t IP67 certified.

A HTC representative had this to say about the HTC’s aquatic abilities on twitter “The HTC One (M8) IPx3 rating means it’s protected from water spray up to 60 degrees at 10l per minute, pressure of 80-100kN/m2 up to 5 mins”

Interesting stuff, this phone is shaping up to be the best of 2014, it’s going to take a lot from rivals to knock it off its perch, check the video out for yourselves and let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter.