Android KitKat share doubled in March 2014, Jelly Bean begins to fall



It’s once again time to review the monthly Android statistics from the developer dashboard. As expected, Android 4.4 KitKat blew past the 5% mark in less than a month, up from an insignificant 2.5% last time.

This major leap once again signals the entry of several new flagship and mid-range handsets running the very latest flavor of Android 4.4 and of course, the fact that more manufacturers have opted to offer current devices the KitKat taste.

All Jelly Bean versions combined accounted for 61.4% of the pie, down from 62% last month. This change was expected as the Jelly Bean trio was already showing signs of stagnation and reduced growth over the course of those last two months.

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) further slipped by 0.9% from last month’s 15.2% to 14.3%. Needless to say, Gingerbread saw a massive drop down to 17.8% from 19.0%, largely due to the countless amount of ancient low end handsets being ditched or the fact that more users are jumping on the Jelly Bean & KitKat bandwagon.

Android Froyo stood at 1.1%, having lost 0.1% and all seems to indicate that this legacy release will fall into oblivion in the next couple of months. It’s also worth noting that OpenGL ES 3.0-compliant devices have managed to grab a noticeable portion of the user-base as more SoCs bring support for this revamped API.

via Android Developers