Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted ahead of launch, the SM-G900F model


Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooted

Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted

The Galaxy S5 might have not even seen the light of day yet, but already developers are working on an exploit to give users the ability to root the device. First of all a system dumped appeared on the XDA developers forum which enabled users to install current Samsung proprietary software onto older devices.

A senior recognized developer on the forums has managed to go one further and has managed to root the international version of the device the SM-G900F. The device can be rooted using the already popular sofrware CF-Auto-Root, which makes it easy to root the device while not straying too far away from the stock firmware.

The software is pretty simply stuff, you’ll need ODIN and also to put your phone in download mode, CF-Auto-Root will do the rest of the work for you.

If you’re lucky enough to already have your hands on an S5, instructions and download links can be found here in the original thread