LG G2 mini price revealed. The phone shows up for sale in Europe for €350


LG G2 Mini

LG G2 mini price

The LG G2 mini is a bit of a misleading name, it isn’t really mini, it’s 4.5 inches. Sure, it’s mini in relation to the regular sized G2, but anybody looking for a relatively small device is going to be disappointed. Another area where the G2 mini lets down is the mediocre specs and high price.

The G2 Mini is an LTE variant and as a result has a Snapdragon processor, but here’s where this disappointment kicks in, the chip in question is a quad Cortex-A7 CPU with Adreno 305 GPU, considerably less impressive than its bigger sibling.

The G2 Mini has shown up on a variety of European retailers including; MediaMarkt, Amazon Spain and Amazon Germany all showing it at €350 (£289) the phone will ship out in a few days, just in for the purported April launch we heard about before.

LG has some sizable competition from Motorola, which sells the Moto G at a considerably cheaper €200 as well as new boys on the block Kazam, who are selling octa-core phones for sub £200.

Would you consider buying one?