HTC Sense 6.0 apps now available to non-HTC phones [Download]


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HTC Sense 6.0 Apps

You may remember last week, hours before the launch of the new HTC One M8 some of HTC’s Sense 6 apps hit the Google Play store. Some were available to download for various HTC devices and some were only available for the brand new M8.

The word on the street is that HTC will eventually make these apps available to all smartphones yes, that means you’ll be able to get BlinkFeed on your device. For the benefit on the impatient among us XDA senior member Ashutos1997 has made it possible for you to download them now (check below).

If you attempt to view any of the HTC Sense 6.0 apps from a non-HTC device you simply won’t be able to see them, luckily Ahutos1997 went to the bother of downloading all the apps and making them available for download as third party APKs. So, you’ll be able to download; BlinkFeed, SenseTV, Zoe, HTC Service Pack and many more. There are a few bugs that need ironing out, the framework files for the gallery don’t work as well as the BlinkFeed actual feed not loading.

Let’s hope he can get all the bugs fixed so, this can wet out appetites until HTC officially launch the apps.

Download HTC Sense 6 apps APKs and libs.