HTC One M8 rooted by jCase using HTC WeakSauce exploit


htc one m8 rooted

HTC One M8 rooted

The HTC One M8 was met with great fanfare when it was launched last week, the 2014 model improved on the critically acclaimed design and performance of last year’s model, with a bigger 5 inch screen and faster processor, the phone is already being called the best of 2014 and might not have that title challenged for some time.

One criticism of the HTC One and other OEMS is the skin that they layer over the top of Android. some users feel it detracts from the simplicity and functionality of pure Androud, HTC’s skin is one of the less intrusive of the options available, nevertheless the guys over at the XDA forums have managed to root the device using an exploit called HTC WeakSauce.

The vulnerability was developed by XDA forum user jcase and allows root access, have a 2013 HTC One and feeling left out? well, don’t worry the HTC WeakSauce exploit also allows root access on the m7.