OLX Android App Review



If you’re unfamiliar with OLX, it’s one of the most popular sites to post free classified ads on the web, it gains seven thousand users each day and is really simple to use, you just post a picture along with your email ID and contact details and voila! if you’re selling you can post your ad absolutely free and potential buyers contact you through the contact details you’ve provided.

All very simple stuff, and it’s about to get a whole lot easier as OLX have launched an Android app called OLX Free Classifieds and is available now on the Google Play Store:

  • OLX app download

As well as already having a huge customer base, OLX has a wide variety of selling categories too, such as; Electronics and Technology, Home and Leisure, Education and business and many more.

Since the app’s launch it has been downloaded a staggering 10 million times, and is incredibly ergonomic, if you want to post a picture of the product you plan on selling, you simply click on an image of that product and then post the picture. The app also syncs with your phone’s location services, so it will find products you want to buy closest to you, or if you’re selling, it’ll find the nearest buyers.

The app also features a lot of integration with other applications, you can share your post, or a post you like to social networking sites like; Facebook, Twitter and ¬†Google plus or messaging apps like WhatsApp etc. OLX also features embedded maps, giving you the ability to view products and buyers closest to you and it’ll remember your location so if you search for another product in the future it’ll tell you of users selling that item in your area.

You can also receive and send messages direct to users from the app itself as well as being able to change the app into a variety of different languages.

The OLX for Android app, is a great functional way to buy and sell on your Android smartphone, so why not join the growing community today?