Upcoming Android devices will be branded with ‘Powered by Android’



Android enthusiasts may already have noticed something reminiscent of the old days back when the HTC G1 was still around. It happens that both Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) display ‘Powered by Android’ right when the devices are booting.

This isn’t quite a surprising since Google apparently wants to make it clear that Android is in fact running on a handset considering that the average joe is unaware of the software powering his or her gadget. It’s no wonder that various manufacturers tweaking, customizing and skinning Android in order to distinguish their software but Google somehow wants to ascertain that its platform remains known among the non-techies who commonly refer to their devices as ‘Galaxy phones’ for instance, when a more accurate label would be ‘Samsung Galaxy smartphone powered by Android’.


It’s however unclear if Google mandated the use of ‘Powered By Android’ on all future handsets or Android devices or if that new addition has made its way into the GMS (Google Mobile Services) requirements clause but we expect the giant to shed some more light on that matter.

Update 1: