HTC Dot View Cases introduced, worth buying?


HTC Dot View

The HTC One M8 launched a couple of days ago and basically most of the leaks were on point.The reviews are coming in and for some its a really awesome device,while for other,it isn’t a game changer that the last years flagship device,the HTC One was. But beside that,HTC also introduced new cases, the HTC Dot View¬†cases, which in this writers opinion are pretty awesome.

Wrap-around protection with flashy dot matrix cover lets you take calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, weather updates, and more, without even opening the case.

According to HTC,with the dot view cases wrap around your device and can with ease see the time and current weather, alerts for missed calls and text messages,this,it should be noted,is when you are using HTC’s messaging app, answer or decline calls, see if you have missed emails, and ignore calendar reminders all without ever opening the case.

We’ve seen more and more phone cases try to ease functions for the user,for example Samsung’s flip covers with S-view,but none present in this way,which is actually quite unique.As for the price,the dot view cases go for $49.99 on HTC’s website.Steep?