G Watch teaser gives us a closer peek at the smartwatch


G Watch teaser

G Watch teaser gives us a better look at LG’s first smartwatch.

Last week Google dropped a bomb shell on us announcing its new OS, Android Wear specifically designed for smartwatches, as soon as Google announced that, both; Motorola and LG were eager to showcase their own smartwatches.

The LG G Watch was the second to be announced after Moto 360, unfortunately pictures and information of the G watch are rarer than hen’s teeth, with only a handful of professional images being released, LG were kind enough today to tweet a picture showing the G Watch in all its glory, showing off the square design and gorgeous display.

The G watch will be compatible with a wide range of already available Android apps and also presumably there’ll be a new category added with smartwatch only applications.

The release of this new OS will definitely throw smartwatches into the lime-light a lot more than they have been in the past 12 months, we’re looking forward to the start of this new phase which will kick off with the release of Motorola’s 360 and LG’s G watch at the end of Q2.