EE Kestrel, EE’s first own-brand LTE phone launches with new cheaper 4G tariff:


EE Kestrel

The UK’s biggest 4G/LTE network, EE, has released details of their first own-brand phone called the EE Kestrel.

EE Kestrel, entry level 4G Phone:

Having been rumoured for a while, details have finally been released describing the plan behind the EE Kestrel and EE’s ongoing plans for own-brand phones. The Kestrel is the first in a long line of own-brand phones for EE, all named after English birds of prey. Whether they’ll all be at this price tag, though, is anyone’s guess.

The EE Kestrel is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Huawei, and comes with a 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage (with a micro SD slot to expand), a 4.5 inch qHD screen (960×540 resolution) and a 5MP camera on the back, with a 1 MP camera on the front and has a 2,000mAh battery. The EE Kestrel will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Huawei’s Emotion UI and is pre-loaded with EE apps, games and Amazon’s App suite, according to Engadget.

EE Kestrel

Whilst not spectacular in it’s specs, the EE Kestrel is designed to be an entry level 4G/LTE phone and because it’s a cat. 4 device, it means it will be able to take advantage of EE’s 4G ‘Extra’ plan where signal permits. The EE Kestrel will be available for £100 on PAYG, or for free on EE’s brand new 4G tariff from £14.

EE launches new 4G tariff starting at £14:

To go with the launch of the EE Kestrel, EE launched