OnePlus One phone to launch on 23 April 2014


OnePlus One

One+, a new phone company have just announced they will launch their first phone, the OnePlus One, on April 23 2014 at the Mastercard Centre in Beijing.

OnePlus One:

If you’ve never heard of OnePlus, then you’d be excused. They are a fledgling company in China setting out to launch their first ever phone, the OnePlus One, in less than a month’s time. Starting out as a global startup, their drive is to create the best phone they can. They don’t want to create just another option for customers, they want to build one of those products which will be come a sensation through word of mouth, as users spread the word of how they love their new OnePlus phone.

Where does the OnePlus name come from? According to their about page, they state that the 1 is one user, the + is that user sharing their joy of the phone. Or, the 1 can represent the status quo, and the + is improvement on the status quo. Along with their moto #NeverSettle, it’s clear that OnePlus is serious about making an impact on the market, not just another clone of a popular device.

At the moment, their website is a little sparse of information, as they have nothing to sell, but their forums, viewable to any visitor, is clearly a hive of activity. When the launch date was announced (on their forums) the response was more than enthusiastic, as their were 6 pages of comments of encouragement and excitement from backers, staff and intrigued public. It’s clear that not only does this company have a strong fan base already, but that their staff also enjoy working and interacting with the community.

In fact, if you’re free in the next couple of weeks, you could apply to be one of the lucky few who get flown out to Hong Kong for a free trip to visit OnePlus and be the first non-staff member to see and touch the OnePlus One. Details are available here.

At present, very little is known about the OnePlus One (other than some sketches we reported recently), nor are there any details of where the phone will be available or for how much. But with such furor over a brief announcement, believe us we will be keeping an eye and ear on OnePlus and will report back as and when we get more details.