HTC One 2014 Google Play edition confirmed by HTC Gallery app description


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HTC One 2014 Google Play edition

HTC released a variety of Sense apps to the Play Store this morning giving greater insight into what we can expect in their 2014 lineup, one thing that let the cat out of the bag was HTC’s description of the Sense Gallery app (screenshot below).

The app is for the organizing and location of photos and in the description has a line which states that; “Support for HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition is limited to Photo Edit.” HTC made a Google Play edition of their hugely popular HTC One smartphone last year, and will continue to do so this year as well with a HTC One 2014 Google Play edition. Although Google Play edition devices aren’t popular with the mass market, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if they were to make one for their 2014 flagship.

Screenshot 2014-03-25 at 15.10.57

HTC have also released various other Sense apps to the Play Store, notably the SenseTV app which includes features that were in last year’s HTC One centered around its IR blaster but were noticeably absent from the Google Play Edition due to it running stock Android without any of HTC’s firmware, this would bring last year’s One and this year’s up to speed with some of the HTC features missing from stock Android.