Google Now Notifications in Chrome on desktops rolling out:

Google Now Notification in Chrome
Google’s demo of what Google Now will look like on Chrome

Google Now notifications will now be available on Google’s Chrome browser, being slowly pushed out today.

Google Now Notifications in Chrome:

Launched as part of Android OS Jelly Bean, Google Now will give you updates about travel, weather, sports, and news through the application accessed through tapping and holding the home button and dragging up (or press the correct icon). If set in the settings, these updates can also be shown in the Notification area.

As of today, Google Now notifications in Chrome will slowly be pushed to all Google browsers and Google laptops. There is no need to do anything special, no extension to download, when it’s pushed to your Chrome browser, it will be visible in the Chrome Notifications (which is found in the Menu Bar on Macs, or in the Notification area on Windows), as long as you sign into Chrome with the same account on both your Android and Chrome. The announcement from Google, shared on their Google + page, didn’t say much about what will be shown, but it’s a fair guess that it will be much like the notifications shown on your Android device.

If you’re not a fan of Google Now (or simply don’t use it), then you can disable the notifications (when they come) by going to the Chrome Notification Centre and un-ticking the appropriate app, which I found out via the support page for Google Now Chrome notifications.

Google Now Notification in Chrome
Chrome’s Notification Centre as shown on Mac OSx

With the announcement of potential integration of Google Now into watches and – who knows – maybe other devices in the future such as Google Glass, it can only mean that Google aren’t giving up on Google Now, and want to see better use of it.

I, for one, hope that they release an API to allow other apps to use it as I can see it becoming the future Notification bar of Android OS, which I think would work better than the current system. But those are just my thoughts. For now, Google Now is Google’s own little playground.