Fleksy 2.0 update – adds new themes, badges and cloud sync.


Fleksy 2.0

My favourite keyboard app, Fleksy, just got a massive update. Fleksy 2.0 landed on the Google Play store today with lots of new features.

Fleksy 2.0:

Being a big fan of Fleksy, I was starting to wonder what had happened to it. Other than a minor update several months back which added emoji icons, there had been nothing from the company after such a promising start. Despite winning several awards, I was starting to fear that the app would never be updated and remain in a limbo state whilst rivals – such as Minuum – surpassed them with updates every couple of weeks.

Today, out of the blue, they announced Fleksy 2.0 with a swath of new features and improvements namely:

  • Cloud Syncing of dictionary and settings.
  • Achievement badges
  • New Beta language in Turkish
  • Autocorrect improvements
  • New themes

Although still disappointed not to see a British English download yet, the autocorrect improvements and cloud syncing were a welcome bonus. Fleksy now has support for 10 languages, and is developing support for many more (you can vote here for your favourite language to get it developed).

Fleksy 2.0

The new cloud syncing is a great addition, meaning that if you use Fleksy on numerous devices, you can sync your dictionary, styles, badges and customisation using your Google account and they will be available exactly the same on all devices. Since the beginning Fleksy has allowed you to analyse your social media feeds to personalise your autocorrections and dictionary, but now it’s synced to the cloud, meaning you only have to set up Fleksy 2.0 once and it will be the same on all your devices.

Keyboard gamification:

As well as the added languages and improvements, Fleksy 2.0 now has up to 30 badges to unlock and collect, many of which bring with it special rewards like longer trial periods, more themes and bragging rights on social networks.

Fleksy 2.0

There is everything from the simple (complete the tutorial) to the more challenging (getting a gold medal in the typing test). Most endearing of all