Moto X Updates to Camera, Gallery, Moto Assist and Moto Help



Despite being launched seven months ago, the Motorola are still releasing regular Moto X Updates to keep the device current, fresh and full of top-notch features.

Moto X Updates now number 48:

By no means special in this fashion, Motorola’s Moto X updates have meant that their flagship device is always at the cutting edge of the market. Here, we note just a few of the recent Moto X updates of importance:

Camera app:

The Moto X camera app was recently updated to allow more customisation in its use. In our recent review of the Moto X, we noted how simple yet effective the Moto X camera app was.  With features just a swipe away from the left hand side on a rotary dial, we were impressed. Also impressive, was the Moto X’s use of motion to activate the camera. Just two twists of the wrist from any app, and you are quickly taking pictures, meaning you’ll less likely to miss that once-in-a-lifetime snap.

This new update has given users the option not only of touching anywhere on the screen to take a picture, but you can now use the volume key as the shutter release button too.

Gallery app:

The Moto X update of the gallery app has given users the option of searching for photo’s not only by album, but also by date. On viewing the timeline option, you can scroll through up to 10 photo’s of a selected date (typically by month) to find the right photo. This means you don’t have to keep opening separate folders, but scan each month for the correct photo.

The update also bought interface and optimisation improvements, making the app a pleasure to view your photos.

Moto Assist:

Motorola’s Moto Assist allows you to perform certain actions automatically depending on certain conditions. For example, the app will scan your calendar to see if you have a meeting. If you have, it will make sure you’re not disturbed by muting your phone. Also, the app will recognise when you are driving and read out text messages to you, so you don’t have to touch your phone and break the law.

This Moto X update means that you can now select which calendar(s) Moto Assist watches for meetings. So if you have a separate calendar for work and home, you can select only your work calendar to be watched, and anything in your home calendar (going to the gym, for example) will be ignored.

Moto Help:

A new Motorola app (previously called Moto Care) will allow you to get help with your new Moto X and contact customer care all from one app. If you register your device at Motorola’s support page, you can get personalised tips and even get help if your phone gets lost.

Active DIsplay:

A recent Moto X update to the Active Display has taken care of some bugs and optimized its performance.