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Link Bubble

Reading in today’s modern information heavy society can be difficult and full of links. Links to pictures, links to articles, links to apps… the list is almost endless. One developer fights against information overload and time-wasting with Link Bubble, the link optimizer.

Link Bubble review:

One of the ‘perils’ of going through your Twitter timeline can be finding interesting articles to read. But how do you deal with those? Read them there and then, clicking on the link which will either launch your default browser, or, in some apps, the in-built browser? Do you click the link, let it load in your default browser and then return to your twitter app to finish reading your timeline? Or use a service like Read It Later or Pocket and (if you’re anything like me, forget about them)?

Link BubbleLink Bubble’s opened page (just next to the Now Novel tweet)

Chris Lacy, developer of Action Launcher, probably had this problem, so he decided to make a new app to bridge the gap. That’s where Link Bubble comes in. Now, when you click on a link in your Twitter timeline, you can choose to have it open in Link Bubble which will open the link in, you guessed it, a bubble on the side of the screen, allowing you to keep reading your Twitter timeline.