God of Light Game Review


god of light bannerGod of Light, what a mighty title it is, well, isn’t it? And, then one would think, is it an equally great game we are talking about? Is this physics-based game worthy enough to bear it? Here’s our word on this subject.

God of Light is a puzzle game developed by Playmous. It’s a very touch-friendly title which creates a stunning user experience by incorporating beautifully designed levels that are both challenging and jaw dropping to look at, especially in the dark when the light effects really tend to pop out of the screen. Throw the deep social integration in the mesh and you get a very decently crafted game.


The main screen offers access to the already rich library of content

The concept of God of Light is the following: you get one source of light which needs to be activated in order for it to emit any light. Then, the light emitted from the main source needs to be reflected, bent, painted and even teleported to the so-called sources of life in order for the light to emerge back in the fictional universe. Sounds easy? It is at first, but only until you dive deeper into the vast universe of darkness.

2014-03-23-19-03-24One simple concept can bring a lot of excitement

Bringing light to the source of life isn’t the only thing to look out for. There ar