Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 showcased on the Nexus 5


unreal-engineThe Epic Citadel demo demonstrated how modern mobile GPUs could handle modern graphics with Unreal Engine 3 which was ported straight from PC to mobile. And all seems to indicate that Epic is not done yet, the company has manage to squeeze their next-generation Unreal Engine 4 on the Nexus 5.

The tech demo was unveiled at GDC2014 few days ago and demonstrates how a Snapdragon 800 SoC paired with the Adreno 320 runs the demo without any performance drawbacks or ‘lag’. It’s unclear how Epic managed to optimize the engine but it’s obvious that the polygon count has been reduced and so were the texture quality in this demo to achieve a reasonable frame rate.

Unreal Engine hasn’t gained much traction in the Android world due to several factors including licensing costs, device/SoC and GPU compatibility or the whopping size of such games that would often weigh well over two gigabytes. We don’t expect mobile developers to adopt this revised version of Unreal Engine but a few SoC exclusive titles may be released if all goes well. It’ll nevertheless be interesting to see how the engine will perform on a SoC that packs more raw power, such as the Nvidia K1 with its 192 CUDA cores.

Epic also aims to seduce mobile game developers with flexible development tools that promise easy manipulation of game assets and textures.

Check out key Unreal Engine 4 features:

via G For Games