1999 PC hack’n’slash Darkstone now available on Android too



Darkstone playable on Android smartphones and tablets 15 years later.

Back in late 90’s Anuman Interactive launched a pretty neat hack’n’slash game called Darkstone for PC and PlayStation.

The company behind Darkstone has just announced that the old school game is now available via Google Play store and it’s totally free!!

The gameplay and graphics are pretty much the same as it was back in 1999, the sounds however have been remixed.

Darkstone features:

  • Discover a Heroic Fantasy reference!
  • Hundreds of enemies to fight
  • Many weapons & spells to masterize
  • Play in Real-Time with 2 Characters!
  • 8 Character Classes = 8 Gameplays
  • Improve your Heroes skills & spells
  • English voices & localised subtitles
  • A different adventure for every game
  • Dozens of hours of gameplay

Although it is a classic you still need at least 240MB of free storage on your Android device that must run Android 2.3 or a new version.

Download Darkstone for free!