Samsung debuts the NX Mini, a camera literally designed for selfies



Rumours fuelled by a tweet by Samsung Russia all seemed to indicate that the South Korean giant would unveil some premium ‘high class’ device. Some even went far to speculate that the device in question would part of the long rumoured Galaxy F series.

It  turns out that none of those hyped rumours materialized, as overwhelming they were. The company instead unwrapped yet another Android-powered Camera, the Galaxy NX-Mini. Of course, with all those recent reports from the rumour mill nobody could have guess it. Leaks did however revealed the device a day before the announcement.

But I digress, the NX-Mini is a pocket sized camera carrying a 2.54cm (1-inch) 20.5MP BSI CMOS sensor packing a 180-degree flip-up display. It features a 3-inch (7.6 cm) display and the whole of camera is designed with simplicity in mind.

NX Camera selfie

The camera measures 110.4 x 61.9 x 22.5mm, weighs 158g and is set to come in five colors including white, black, brown, mint green, and pin. It also sports that obsessive “faux leather” design what we’ve seen on quite a few Galaxy devices.

It is scheduled to hit the shelves in April with a $450 and $550 kit. The former consists of a wide-angle 9mm f/3.5 lens (24 mm-equivalent) while the second kit features a stabilized 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom (24-73 mm-equivalent). A third kit with a f/1.8 (17 mm-equivalent) was also announced and slated for July but its pricing was not disclosed. It’s also worth noting than an optional $150 adapter allows allows larger Samsung NX lenses to the NX Mini. It is also able to shoot reduced-resolution bursts of 30 fps, with a standard full-res speed of 6 fps and record 1080p videos at 30 fps. A juicy 2,330 mAh battery backs it all up, allowing up to 682 photos to be taken on a single charge.

This Samsung specifically aimed the NX Mini at those who adore selfies and there’s clearly a target for such a device judging from the flood of selfies on social networks.

NX Mini Specifications

via Samsung Tomorrow