LG Electronics wrist band stylus leaks out


wrist band stilus

Wrist band stylus from LG Electronics

LG wants you to wear their stylus on your wrist. The stylus, flat, wraps around your wrist and snaps into place, waiting for when you’ll use it again. The wrist band stylus (what I’m calling it now) will come in many various colors.

Rumors suggest that Verizon will be looking to offer these as promotional goodies with the purchase of their version of the LG G Pad 8.3. The wrist band stylus’ don’t have advanced functionality like Samsung’s S Pen, but if you were looking for just a stylus for your LG G Flex or LG G2, then it might just suit your needs.


There’s not much information on whether LG intends to seriously sell these,or just stick to giving them out as promotional material.The stylus’s can be used on any device with a capacitive display.

Via Phandroid; PocketNow

photo credit: @evleaksl Russell Holly