Moto X Review – The hands-off phone from Motorola



Ever since we reviewed the Moto G last year, we’ve been hoping and looking forward to its big brother to come to the UK to test. When we attended the launch in February, our anticipation was only heightened. Now we have our hands on it, and this is the result: The Moto X review.

Moto X Review:

At first look, the Moto X is remarkably similar to its little brother the Moto G. The front is plain black glass (when the screen is off anyway), and there are no physical buttons to break the surface. A smooth curve on the edge to the back which is a smooth back with a grippy coating.

Moto X Review back

The back is almost as plain as the front, with a checkered Carbon fibre-styled pattern and only the Motorola “M” in a small finger sized divot bellow the LED Flash and rear camera. The speaker, situated next to the camera, is just a small perforation of holes and not that obvious, keeping the esthetics nice and plain. The only other mark on the back is a microphone hole on the bottom and the standard model number printing in black, which, again, doesn’t distract the eye from the simplicity of the design.

Moto X Review Top back