LG G Watch announced with Google’s Android Wear platform


LG G Watch announced

LG G Watch announced by LG Electronics, runs Android Wear OS.

Google shocked us all with making a pretty big announcement regarding their new operating system designed specifically for smartwatches, called Android Wear. Naturally a plethora of OEMS want to get in on the action and are eager to showcase what they have to offer.

LG were the first to announce their “G watch” which we can expect to see arriving next quarter, the watch can be seen in multiple promo shots and in Google’s own promotional video for the system. It’s a very stylish, simple looking square, basically it looks like a watch, which a refreshing change from the clunky, sometimes ugly designs we’ve seen so far on smartwatches.

It’s unclear if LG will add any sort of skin over the Android Wear OS as they have announced they have “developed in close collaboration with Google,” which could generate speculation that the watch will run Stock Android Wear, free from tweaks made by LG. 

Other companies with Google are officially listing as partners on their Android Wear site are; Samsung, HTC, Motorola and ASUS.

We haven’t seen exact technical details so far covering thing like; battery life, processing power etc. there’s also been no concrete information yet on a launch date, although Motorola have stated  that their smart will be available in a “variety of styles globally in Summer 2014.” whether or not other manufacturers are working around that time frame is unclear.