Google officially announces Android Wear (smartwatch platform)


android wear

2014 is shaping up to be the year the smartwatch finally becomes a mass market product, with Google officially announcing today that they have created an operating system based on Android specifically for smartwatches. The system will be called Android Wear and Google have partnered with a variety of manufacturers, of which; LG and Motorola have already revealed their own smartwatches running the OS.

Google have released two videos showing the OS in use on a smartwatch, one being a promo and the other involving engineers from the project explaining Android Wear to us, so far it looks very impressive and practical.

Google reveal in one of their promotional videos that they have worked closely with fashion brands on this project and this really shows in LG and Motorola’s smartwatches, as they looks very stylish and a lot more attractive than some of the earlier attempts at making a smartwatch we’ve seen from Samsung and pebble etc.

One of the key elements to Google’s vision of the smartwatch is fitness, with Google promising “favorite fitness apps will offer real time speed and distance tracking” another big component is the use of voice, with your being able to reply to texts, social media messages etc. by simply saying “reply” and then speaking out your message.

Other useful voice commands include saying; “Ok, Google”  the same command we’ve seen on the Nexus 5 and the Moto X and from their you can pull up information on nearby Restaurants, services or find out any local warnings which may be in place.

We imagine LG and Motorola’s announcements are just the start of many OEMS getting on-board with this exciting new development. If you want to see Google’s Android Wear promo videos, they can be seen here and here