Google filed yet another pie-like navigation menu


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Google filed yet another pie-like navigation menu

Some of us may already be familiar with multi-touch Pie-style menus introduced in some custom ROMs like Paranoid Android or even Air Command from the Galaxy Note 3 and to some extent in the stock/AOSP Android camera.

It appears like Google filed for a touchscreen radial menu system patent at the at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in late 2012. This isn’t the first of such radial-style patents from Google, the company previously filed a similar patent back during the same year.

The design will however differ from what you’ve seen in the stock Android browser, this new pie design idea aims to allow use two fingers for navigation with sub-menus offering other options. Not much is known about where this design will land but it’s unlikely to come to Android or any other Google software or OS given that this patent is quite old. And as always, design ideas don’t always translate into implementation in current software.

via PatentBolt