Angry Birds Epic is The Next Turn-Based RPG to Beat


angry birds epicRovio is again bringing us yet another Angry Birds game, maybe a little bit different from the ones we know. Maybe a little bit more. After experimenting with physics-based puzzler and then coming up with a kart-racer, Rovio is stepping into new uncharted territories by creating a turn-based RPG game featuring all of our beloved characters.

Angry Birds Epic is as epic as it can get according to Rovio. It features a brand-new engine in order to run the new mechanics, which includes crafting many weapons, upgrading characters, choosing from numerous different costumes and, most important of all, battling the evil pigs. Yes, this is another easy to play, but hard to master RPG.

Angry Birds Epic is expected to hit the Play Store very soon. In the mean time, check out the official trailer to see what you are getting yourself into: