Family Guy to Hit Play Store Soon, Screenshots Surface


Family_Guy_LogoFamily Guy, one of the world’s most popular animated sitcoms, is finally going to receive its own Android game. Brought to us by FOX and TinyCo , the game should hit the Play Store very soon.

The all new Family Guy game should follow an original story written by the creators of the show themselves. And, while doing it, there will be many throwback scenes from the original TV episodes, so both fans and newcomers will be satisfied. Also, this casual game will be completely free to play.

TinyCo are working very close with FOX in order to develop a completely rich experience, to bring the originality of the show right to our fingertips. Will it stand a chance to the already-successful Simpsons: Tapped out game? Or will it overcome its success? Well, we guess will find out soon enough.