Sketches of the elusive Oneplus One phone surface


You may have heard the exciting announcement a few weeks back about a group of ex Oppo employees branching out and creating their own company dubbed “Oneplus” and a device named the “One” all maths related puns aside this device created a lot of excitement and despite never showing any actual images of the device managed to show of its build and design.

OnePlus One

However, there’s now been a leak in the form of a design sketch detailing the schematics of the device along with some descriptive notes, which reveal the location of various points on the device; the company logo, camera etc.

Some of the notes can be deciphered as the phone generally being an aluminium body with some poly carbonate elements, perhaps create a similar design to HTC’s very own One, also like the one we can assume this device will be crafted out of one piece of aluminum, perhaps why it won’t have a removable battery, which Oneplus One confirmed themselves in a battery spec document.

The sketches also reveal the locations of the phone’s physical buttons and ports such as the power button which will be located on the phone’s side, and you’ll find the speaker and headphone jack located on the top and bottom of the device, nothing unconventional there.

OnePlus One

Moving onto the phone’s cameras we can see that the back camera will have a dual flash, which is becoming a lot more common in devices, with the new HTC One rumoured to have the same technology, unfortunately the sketch doesn’t give out any specific mention to the phone’s front facing camera. As well as the front facing camera, the sketches don’t give away any information on the location of the device’s volume rocker, charging port or the SIM tray.

It’s not clear from the sketches exactly how big the Oneplus One will be, but the company did confirm that it will feature a 5.5 inch full HD display and also a screen to body ratio of around 72%. From examining the sketches it also looks as though the device may have a curved back, although that could ┬ábe from the sketches just being a rough copy as no text on them confirms that.

One thing for sure is that this is an exciting development and the sketches give off the impression that this will be a handsome device, do you think you would be interested in buying it? let us know below in the comments or on our twitter page.