Google Play store update v4.6.16 available for DL, Menu tweaks, Passwords and more


Google Play store update

This week you can expect to see version v4.6.16  of the Google Play store rolling out in various stages, meaning it’ll slowly rolled out to you, some lucky users might have it now and the rest of you will you angrily checking well into next week.

The update isn’t a huge overhaul, visually it’s very similar but, it does go some way to toward fixing the various annoyances we’ve come to hate about the Google play store. Some of the issues being ironed out include;

  • You can now enable via the store settings a password to be required for all downloads
  • Making update checks for the store mandatory via tapping on the build version in settings
  • Removing an app from the “All” list no longer pushes it to the top
  • Various tweaks to where settings, help and others appear in the store’s app
  • Install all option now available in the “My Apps” section

Download Google Play Store v4.616 APK file