Google’s smartwatch specs leak out ?


Smartwatches seem to be the piece of kit manufacturers and press love to talk about, but no one else really cares about. The Pebble caught our attention and the Galaxy Gear made everybody realize; with a bit of polish it could actually work.

google smartwatch

With 2014 being dubbed “the year of the smartwatch” whether you want it to be or not and scores of manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon and planning to release their own, with the most anticipated coming from Apple and Google.

For those of you who are excited about a Google wearable coming your way, the ever impressive @evleaks has given us the gift of some technical specifications regarding big G’s up and coming smartwatch. like the Nexus 4 and 5 the device will reportedly be made by LG will have a 1.65 inch LCD screen with a resolution of  280 x 280 there’ll also be 512MB of RAM and 4GB of on-board storage, no word yet on the type or speed of the chip we’ll see inside the watch.

Hopefully Google’s attempt at the smartwatch category will breath life into and include some innovative features which will put it more in the public eye and turn it into a more mass market product.