HTC announces budget quad-core Desire 310 smartphone


Desire 310

If there was ever an admittance that quad-core processors are now ten a penny than this latest product announcement by HTC is it. The old observation of Moore’s law was that computing power would double ever 2 years, now it seems that has been cut significantly. It was barely 10 months ago when quad-core chips were the preserve of the highest of high-end smartphones and now HTC are promising to offer such delights for a price more historically associated with the low-end.

Behold the HTC Desire 310 which comes with a familiar looking design consisting of rounded edges and a rubber feel on the back. HTC’s  Desire 310 crams a 4.5 inch display into its rather small looking chassis, and within that display is a resolution of 854 x 480. The quad-core chip under the hood which is causing such a stir is the MediaTek MT6582M, which has been clocked at 1.3 GHz and is helped along by a reasonable 1GB of RAM.

Combine all that processing power with 4GB of on-board storage expandable via the microSD card slot, dual-sim capabilities, a 2000 mAh battery, all the usual connectivity and 5 megapixel and 0.3 megapixel cameras and you have a contender for the budget smartphone of choice, which was only recently won by the Moto G.

HTC Desire 310_6V_Blue

The HTC Desire 310 will be hitting UK shores in April courtesy of 02, Vodafone and the Carphone Warehouse. There’s no specifics on pricing quite yet, but if HTC want to steal Motorola’s thunder it’s going to have to be pretty eyebrow raising.