ZTE Nubia X leaks again, now closer to official debut


ZTE Nubia X

ZTE has been rumoured for a while now that it is readying a 6.3 inch Android phablet, a device (prototype) sighted last year in a few hands-on pictures and known at the time as ZTE Nubia Z7.

More recently, ZTE Corp begin teasing Nubia X device, which we believe is the Nubia Z7 renamed. Unfortunately we do not hold any information regarding Nubia X’s hardware or software, but we are expecting it to be a high-end device.

The phablet has been photographed in the wild once more, but with the screen off leaving us little to talk about.

ZTE is going to introduce ZTE Nubia X by the end of the first half of 2014, but at this poijnt, the official launch date remains unknown as the Chinese manufacturer has to determine it.All we know is what the teaser tells us “Nubia X It’s coming.”

We will get back to you as soon as we hear more.