Android grabs 62% of the tablet share, Samsung on the rise



Cheap budget Android tablets have literally flooded the tablet market during those last few years and it’s a no brainer that Apple is starting to loose ground due to bang-for-buck tablets priced lower.

iPads were known to dominate the tablet segment but the trends seems to be turning in the other direction, at least that’s what a recent report published by Gartner suggests. 2013 saw over 195 million Android tablets being sold, 37 million of which were Samsung-made, closely followed by Asus with just over 11 million.


Other manufacturers including Amazon and Lenovo were also reported to have gained more tablet market share with gains of 1.8% and 1.4% respectively over their 2012 sales, though nothing compared to Samsung’s colossal 19.1% share of the pie, up from just 7.4% in 2012. Apple on the other hand slipped from 52.8% to 36.0%.


Apple nevertheless remain the largest single seller in 2013 but all seems to indicate that Android will gain more ground in the coming months, the arrival of a refreshed iPad mini could however change things but only time will tell.

via TechCrunch