Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Review – The small, cheap & 4G equipped phone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Front display

Another phone sent to us from Samsung, as well as the Galaxy S4 Active (which you can read our review here), was the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Review:

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the Ace 3 is tiny. It’s also not as powerful, but does have some noteworthy features which means it’s still a phone relevant to today’s market.
Launched in June 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 replaced the previous Ace 2 and came in two ‘flavours’: 3G only, or 3G and 4G LTE. This phone is the 4G version, but other than that, they are identical phones.

Design & Display:

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has a 4 inch WVGA TFT display with a diameter of 480×800 and 233ppi (pixel density). Measuring only 121.2×62.7×10 mm and weighing only 119.5 g, this isn’t a big phone. It is, however, one of the cheapest 4G LTE phones available from Samsung. It’s not a work horse, by any means, but with respectable specs, this will be worth choosing if you are determined to get a 4G LTE phone, but can’t afford the big names and flagship phones.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Review Box contets
Box contents


Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset that comes with a 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor and 1GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and has a raft of Samsung apps such as S Translate and S Travel for when you go on holiday, as well as S Voice for voice control of your phone. The third generation Galaxy Ace also comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (only on the LTE model), 8GB of internal storage (only 4GB on the 3G model), a Stereo FM radio with RDS is also included, you’ve also got A-GPS and GLONASS and a micro USB port.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review
Back, cover off showing the battery


As ever, we put the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 through the two benchmark apps, Antutu and Quadrant Standard Edition. Here are the results.

Antutu Results:

Being a lower spec phone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 managed reasonably well scoring 13732, placing it just under the Nexus 4 and above the Samsung Galaxy S2. With it’s low spec graphics card, it’s only able to show OpenGL ES2.0 and scored 3416 in the Antutu 3D benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review antutu benchmark results
Antutu Benchmark result
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review 3D Test results
Antutu 3D Benchmark result
Quadrant SE Results:

In the Quadrant SE tests, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 managed to score a total of 5529, which still puts it above all the others results shown in the standard edition.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review
Quadrant Standard Edition Benchmark results


As mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 comes with a number of Samsung’s S apps such as S Translate, S Voice and S Travel. All of these are available for download from the Samsung Hub app, Samsung’s own App store.


With a 5 MP camera on the back, and a plain VGA camera on the front, the specs aren’t fantastic, but will take reasonable pictures for such a small phone. As you can see in the test images below, they are not as good as other reviews, but that’s to be expected for an inexpensive phone. The inside test shows that, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the Ace 3 needed to use flash in exactly the same conditions (both photos were taken seconds apart).

Samsung Galax y Ace 3 review Outside test shot
Picture outside into setting sun
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 review inside test photo
Inside picture which used flash


The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 comes with a 1,800 mAh battery. Charging time was under the two hour mark, whilst the device lasted pretty much 8 hours with average use and benchmarks.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is not the fastest of phones, but it’s functional, cheap (starting from £224.80 from Amazon or free from UK Mobile Networks) and is 4G LTE compatible. It would make a good first phone for children or for people who aren’t bothered about having the latest phone.


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