Motorola confirms new Moto X, smartwatch coming later this year


new Moto X

New Moto X coming later this year, best guess is by the end of the summer, somewhere close to IFA 2014, mid-August.

During Motorola’s event at Mobile Congress in Barcelona, the company representatives took it to Twitter to an AMA session, to find out what customers want from Motorola’s future devices. Among consumers questions were a few that interest us in particular:

Q from twitter: When is next version of Moto X? A: Keep posted – hint – late summer.

Q: Lets talk beyond phones . . . Motorola has a history with devices beyond the phone . . .A:┬áRick – We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life.

Motorola will launch later this year, probably in the second half, a new Moto X with better hardware, at least one wearable device (a smartwatch, maybe a fitness band too) and will also bring soon the Moto Maker online tool to Europe (the UK and Germany at first).

Another interesting answer from Motorola was to this question:

Q: Are you losing money on Moto G? A: Nope – it’s that good for what it costs. (Thats a quote from @rosterloh).

I guess, no surprise here, as Moto G offers the best value at cheap, especially it’s incredibly bright and vivid display.