Kazam launch new devices at MWC: KAZAM Thunder2, Trooper2 & Tornado2


Thunder2 5.0 front & back homescreen BLACK

Kazam launch new devices at MWC 2014 in Barcelona: KAZAM Thunder2, Trooper2 & Tornado2.

You may remember Kazam from way back in November, when they announced their new family of smartphones divided into the Thunder and Trooper ranges. The company itself is born from two ex HTC-UK executives Michael Coombes and James Atkins, who last year promised “No gimmicks or corporate bullshit.”

This year, they’re back and making an even bigger splash at 2014’s MWC with their brand new line up of devices. Kazam have announced two high end octa-core devices the KAZAM Tornado2 5.5 and the KAZAM Tornado2 5.0, with the 5.5 being their flagship, there’s also a whole host of other smartphones and phones which meet various consumer needs.

The high end Thunder 2 boasts such specs as a 1.7 GHz MT6582 processor backed up by 2GB of RAM, there’s 16GB of on-board storage which is expandable via the microSD slot up to 32GB. The 5.5 inch IPS display comes with a resolution of 1080×1920. Round the back, there’s an impressive 13 megapixel camera for all your snapping needs and a 5 megapixel one up front for all your selfie taking needs, there’s also dual SIM functionality, a rarity for devices launched in the U.K. . A little disappointing though, is that the Thunder 2 will come without the latest version of Android, as it’s only running 4.2 Jelly Bean and also without LTE support.

Kazam’s CEO Michael Coombes had this to say on the new devices; “We are excited to launch the first KAZAM octo-core phones at the world’s largest mobile trade show.  The KAZAM Tornado2 range delivers the ultimate mobile experience for those who demand a lot from their phone, it is a master of multi-tasking.”

KAZAM Thunder2

If the Tornado 2 range doesn’t sound like it’s for you then don’t worry, Kazam announced a variety of different devices at MWC, ranging from the LTE enabled KAZAM Thunder2 4.5L, to the KAZAM Thunder2, KAZAM Trooper2 and KAZAM Life ranges, all aimed at different price points in the smartphone market.

Let’s start with the KAZAM Thunder2 4.5L, if you liked the sound of the Tornado 2, but were put off by its lack of LTE support then this device is for you, the 4G device comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core chip, named the MSM8926 which is helped along by 1GB of RAM. The basic model comes with only 8GB of on-board storage, but thankfully that’s expandable via the microSD slot to 32GB, the 4.5 inch display comes with a 854 x 480 which is considerably less than the Tornado 2’s impressive full HD display, but a sacrifice you must make if you want to take advantage of the Thunder’s LTE support.

As well as an array of smartphones Kazam also announced a new range to its portfolio called the life range, the life range is aimed at the low-end mobile market and introduces four new devices to Kazam’s extensive range. The four new devices are name the B2, B4, and the C4, and C5 all of the devices come with basic storage usually around 250KB used for housing picture messages and pictures taken with the device, all of the Life devices have a camera ranging from VGA up to 1.3 megapixel.