Nokia will build more Android phones running on AOSP


Android phones

Nokia finally seem to have come round with rumors that it was working on an android phone emerging as true.Not only were they working o an android phone,they were working o mobile service as well.As it turns out,Nokia i building more phones running on AOSP.Its forked version of android however will be dressed up in a new Nokia UI.

The Nokia X software platform is built upon AOSP, Android Open Source Project,What we’ve done is we’ve built the Nokia X software platform on standard Android open source, and then on top of that we’ve built the Nokia user experience layer — so the Nokia UI — so Fast Lane and the homescreen.The homescreen is tile-based, so it’s similar to a [Windows Phone-based] Lumia. It incorporates some elements of that — some limited live information into the tiles. We’ve also put in Nokia and Microsoft services.

-Nokia’s marketing director,Neil Broadley

According to Nokia,the Nokia X will be a worldwide release,though emphasis will be put on “key, fast-growing emerging markets”The specs of the Nokia X aren’t something to really get excited about, ( 4-inch wVGA, dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm,3MP camera,512MB RAM and 4GB inbuilt storage) but seeing that this Nokia’s first crack at the Android market,it might just be the game changer Nokia has been searching for.