Nokia X photographed [Leak]


Nokia X photographed

Nokia X photographed in the wild four days ahead of its launch event.

While Microsoft is on the verge to take control of Nokia Mobile Devices & Services (if they havent already), in a surprising turn of events, Nokia is a few days away from announcing its first ever Android smartphone, which according to recent leaks will be marketed as Nokia X.

The phone has been previously spotted in a few press images all coming from serial leaker @evleaks, but today we have the chance to actually see the Nokia X in all its glory.

Four real life images show Nokia X from the front and powered up in the home screen that looks awfully similar to Windows Phone home screen and its famous Tiles.Nokia X is also photographed from the side and the back revealing a rather thick device but with a well-built housing (notice buttons on the side and the plastic around the camera).


Nokia X is nothing more than a cheap phone with pretty modest hardware specs. The launch event will be broadcasted live by Nokia and we will cover it, just make sure to tune in to our website four days from now.