HTC One 2 Gold leaks in supposed press render


htc one 2 gold

HTC One 2 Gold press image surface about a month ahead of its scheduled unveil.

It was only yesterday that news broke of HTC’s intentions to show us something new on March 25th, and then today we have the purported press leak, showing the 2014 HTC One in all its champagne coloured glory. It certainly looks like all the leaks and pictures we’ve seen and read in the past few months were on the money, we have the dual LED flash, also found on the iPhone 5S and the mysterious twin cameras, which no one is quite sure the purpose of.

The leaked image shows a device which looks very similar to last year’s One, with slightly more rounded edges and a metallic bezel, the image shows a champagne coloured phone, the same colour as the gold edition HTC launched late last year, although supposedly the new One will be launched in both black and sliver, also very close to Apple’s colour scheme of the 5S.

Many speculate that the inclusion of two camera sensors is to add focus that can be changed after the image is taken and that the move is to generally improve picture quality over last year’s device, as many consumers were turned off by the One’s 4 “ultra-pixels” with some users complaining of sub-par picture quality in comparison to other high end smartphones at the time. Something else shown off in the image is what looks like an update to HTC’s blinkfeed which was included in last year’s Sense UI, the interface looks pretty similar to the tiled look found on windows phone.

HTC won great praise last year with the One, due to its solid, very good-looking design and overall performance, let’s hope this year’s device is no different and keeps a very innovative company, out of financial hot water.