HTC Advantage a customer care system launched in the US


htc advantage

HTC have implemented a customer care system in the U.S and there’s hopes it could also be launched across Europe.

The care service titled HTC Advantage has a wide range of benefits, HTC are obviously very proud of their various achievements and have this to say about the project;

“From partnering with Google to launch the first ever Android phone to designing the top rated HTC One, creating premium products to give our customers the best has always been our motivation”

Some of the benefits included in the free package are things such as; free cracked screen replacement – The pledge here is that buy a HTC One, HTC One Mini or HTC One Max and you damage your phone screen within the first six months of purchase HTC will replace it absolutely free, bad news for the clumsy out there though as this offer is only for one screen replacement, so if you’re a frequent dropper, you’re still out of luck.

Another of the benefits is the promise that HTC will keep your device updated to the latest version of Android for two years after you purchase it, this is something that plagues a lot of devices and users with many phones being left in the dark and forgotten about in terms of updates. As well as those two generous offers in the package HTC will also throw in free 25GB to 50GB Google Drive storage to back up any photos and documents you may have stored on your phone and if that’s not secure enough you can also back up the entirety of your device with HTC backup, but do remember to back up before you manage to lose it.

This is a great offer and remedies some pretty common smartphone related issues, let’s hope HTC rolls this out beyond the U.S of America.