Google acquires sound authentication startup SlickLogin



Google has yet added another startup company to its portfolio, the four month old Israel-based startup SlickLogin which created a method to verify a user’s identity¬†using smartphones and high-frequency sounds instead of traditional passwords.

The SlickLogin’s three-person team confirmed the news of the acquisitions, as usual financial details were not disclosed. Google already offers two-factor authentication, but it can be quite annoying to enter a six-digit code which changes every minute.

In contrast, SlickLogin’s system requires no user-input but rather a smartphone and speakers while inaudible sounds do the rest of the job. The Israeli team says Google is already “working on some great ideas that will make the internet safer for everyone,” except maybe from your dog, who could hear all of your future passwords.

It’s obvious that Google aims to implement this patented technology into their services. Given enough time to mature, the technology would give us the ability to use our gadgets to login into our Google account & services.

via TechCrunch