HTC One 2 teaser announces February 18 launch date


HTC One 2 teaser

HTC One 2 teaser on Twitter confirms Tuesday, February 18 official unveil.

On Friday, February the 14th, HTC USA begin teasing HTC One 2 launch date on Twitter by posting a picture that shows two HTC One phones with broken screens and the following sentences: “If only broken hearts were this easy to fix. Details 2/18.”

Today, HTC USA posted another picture of a HTC One phone on Twitter, and still with a broken screen, but this time followed by a saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a broken phone, look forward to what’s coming on 2/18.”

We are two days away from witnessing HTC One 2, codename HTC M8 official debut and there isn’t much left for HTC to uncover due to last 30 days of showering leaks.