List of USPTO approved Samsung patents shine light on new products


galaxy s4

A List of USPTO approved Samsung patents sheds light on upcoming Samsung Galaxy series products and more.

The rumours have been heating up for a while now as speculation grows of how and when Samsung will update their current crop of smartphones. Presumably we’ve all now seen the imaginative way in which Samsung branded their up and coming Unpacked 5 event which is also coinciding with Mobile World Congress.

There is growing speculation and now evidence that Samsung won’t only announce one device at their event, but a whole new range  Some of that evidence comes in the form of a group of patents Samsung  rammed through the FCC on February 7th, here’s a list of the patents and what they could mean: Samsung Galaxy Core Prima, Samsung Galaxy Core Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Core Max, Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, Samsung Atro, Flybell.

The use of the word ‘core’ gives off the impression that this could be a range of devices which fall in the mid range category and have advanced smartphone features, but none of the unique selling points of more high-end Galaxy devices, the Galaxy Ace Style is obviously a continuation of the already available Galaxy Ace, which is in the low-end market and features fewer features than most other Samsung phones.

The Samsung Astro isn’t listed as a mobile phone and is the only device in the list to be a tablet, Samsung have recently added the more productivity focused Galaxy Tab Pro to their line up of tablets, so will the Astro replace one of the already existing lines or simply co-exist with them, that much at this stage is unclear.

The Flybell section of the patent could be aimed at taking a stab at Apple’s iBeacon and is described as a “wireless beacon and corresponding software” Samsung unlike Apple include NFC in their products, so could this be them taking another step into the location services industry. Apple’s iBeacon is still in the early stages of development and deployment and NFC hasn’t taken off in the way many would have hoped, but could 2014 be the year we see it better integrated into day-to-day life?

We will know more on February 24th, when the Galaxy S5 is also rumored to officially break cover.