FCC filing suggests LTE enabled Moto G on way


LTE enabled Moto G

LTE enabled Moto G suggested by an FCC filling.

The Moto G was released late last year to reasonable fanfare, it received general positive reviews, although there was one distinct complaint of the few complaints it garnered. That complaint that stood out the most, was the Moto G’s distinct lack of LTE, in all markets and on all carriers.

Motorola, who were recently acquired by Lenovo could be about to solve that problem, an FCC filing was spotted with the ID number  IHDT56PG1, that may mean nothing to you or me, but luckily people who know a lot more than us have looking into the filing and managed to find information on WCDMA support and also support for LTE bands 2,4,5 and 17 which points towards an international launch.

FCC filings don’t offer a great deal in the way of concrete evidence and more so just fuel speculation, although we have seen in the past them offering a lot of truth, so let’s hope this filing comes true and we see a great device get even better.