Angry Birds Stella as Rovio’s Chance To Expand Angry Birds Universe


AB Stella_poster_landscapeRovio’s put it’s aims on bringing yet another blockbuster to the mobile platforms, in their words, an Angry Birds world we’ve never seen before with a storyline that will shake things up.

As Rovio states in its article, this new Angry Birds will introduce many new characters, including Stella as the main hero. Stella and her best friends, although they’ll be in the spotlight the most of the time, will be accompanied in the story by some evil villains just to make things more interesting. And, with all of the adventures our stars will run through, Rovio bets on bringing their fans to their tables, again.

Angry Birds Stella’s arrival is scheduled for this year’s fall. Are you excited to see what will Rovio bring to the tables this time? We bet you are, and if this article wasn’t enough to fulfill your excitement, head over to the Angry Birds Stella official web site for more info on the project.