HTC refocuses on low-end smartphone market to gain profit



It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling of late, despite the launch of the HTC One, which was a huge success and arguably the best smartphone of 2013.

Despite all of that HTC corp wants to try and turn its fortunes around by putting more resources into the low-end smartphone market which is booming in emerging markets across Asia and beyond. HTC is usually known for producing impressive high-end phones like the One, but the high-end market is massively saturated, and HTC have lost ground to Samsung and other brands.

HTC’s shares have lost a massive 80% of their value in the midst of two years of disappointing sales figures. HTC’s Co-founder and Chair woman Cher Wang had this to say on the matter to Reuters News agency:

“The problem with us last year was we only concentrated on our flagship. We missed a huge chunk of the mid-tier market”

HTC said they weren’t going to get into the “very, very low-end market” presumably because it would cheapen their name as consumers began to associate them with discount handsets. Chang said they HTC would begin to increase the amount of handsets they sell in the $150- $300 (£90 and £180) price range in both emerging and developed markets. Chang also said that HTC will continue to sell high-end devices for around the $600 (£370) mark in a range of markets and will also soon release a new flagship.

It’s highly likely that the new flagship Mrs Chang speaks of will be the rumoured HTC M8 which we’ve covered a few times on this site, and hopefully will have some more concrete evidence to go on soon.